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Toyota RAV4
+$11,020 Tax
+$12,390 Tax
Toyota Corolla
+$9,580 Tax
Hyundai Tucson
+$14,060 Tax
Toyota Hilux
+$14,490 Tax
Mazda CX-5
+$12,760 Tax
Ford Ranger
+$17,950 Tax
Hyundai i30
+$15,430 Tax
+$25,050 Tax
Kia Sportage
+$13,110 Tax
Source: FCAI Modelling, 16 February 2024
The Coalition understands that families need larger cars and there aren’t many hybrid or EV options. Those that are available are beyond most families' budgets.

In a cost of living crisis, now isn’t the time to be driving the price of vehicles up by $1000s.

It won’t just make new cars more expensive, it will also drive up the cost of second-hand cars.

The Coalition has a common sense approach to protecting the environment, but we won’t do anything that makes it harder for families to manage their budgets.
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